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Confessions of the Creative Entrepreneur

Techvibe Radio presents insights from a group of amazing Creative Entrepreneurs who tell their stories about how risks and potential failures have lead them to entrepreneurial success. 

Emmai Alaquiva, Emmy Award-winning Film Director, Composer and Mentor
Once homeless, Alaquiva shifted the trajectory of his life's path to become one of the most multifarious trailblazers in the arena of creative arts. A five-time Telly Award-winner, Emmai has been recognized as Pittsburgh Magazine’s “40 under 40”, The New Pittsburgh Courier’s “FAB 40”, WHIRL Magazines “50 Finest” along with a proclamation from City of Pittsburgh Mayor, William Peduto. Alaquiva was recently awarded as a 2016 national BMe Community Leader and recognized by President Barack Obama.

Nina Barbuto, Founding Director, Assemble + Co-Founder of I Made it! Market
Nina's passion for art, new media and social learning led her to found Assemble, a community space for arts + technology, in 2011. Nina co-founded I Made It! Market in 2007. An idea based on urban acupuncture, this nomadic market partners with community, arts and non-profit organizations to raise funds and awareness to assist in improving their communities while allowing local artists and crafters to sell their wares.

Phil Laboon, Entrepreneur, Eyeflow, WUDN
As an entrepreneur, Phil started his first company in his parent’s basement in 2001. Now, alongside his handpicked team of industry experts, Eyeflow provides hundreds of clients with consulting and digital marketing services that help their business stand up and be heard by audiences both on and off the web.  As an avid investor into tech start ups, Phil  is involved in the day to day operation for several rapid growing companies such as into the Young Entrepreneurial Council (YEC), WUDN, Visibl, YAERD Group, and Tres Bonitas Holdings).