Empowering the intersections of business and creativity for 10 years

The momentous impact of the Creative Industries is the center of our work. We believe that Creativity in the workforce is transforming the world, from a local to a global level. An investment in the Creative Industries is an investment in both culture and prosperity; it is a statement of innovation, vision and economic prosperity.

At the Technology Council, we recognized this force early on, and initiated mash-ups of people and companies working in all facets of the Creative Industries -- makers, designers, programmers, artists and creatives of all types. We have worked with the largest companies (AT&T, UBER, Hewlett-Packard) and the newest, emerging artists and entrepreneurs. Together, this dynamic spectrum fuels a new type of sustainable economy that inspires, transforms and leads the way to new frontiers.


Annual CREATE Festival

The CREATE Festival connects over 1,000 people each year, working at the forefront of Creativity and Innovation. CREATE began in 2008 as the DATA Awards, and has featured the likes of like Burton Morris, Cirque du Soleil, Will Wright, Roger Martin and more ! www.createfestival.org

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

CREATE Pittsburgh: Creative Industries Directory

A hub for creatives and entrepreneurs to connect with resources, find partners and opportunities to grow business. www.createpittsburgh.org


CO-CREATE: Creative Industries Business Ignition Program

Co-CREATE is a collaboration-based business ignition program for early stage creative companies. The program offers ignition grants, entrepreneurial education, business development, shared work space and immersive community engagement for creatives seeking to accelerate their business, or commercialize a product.


Creative Industries Network Program and Events

The Creative Industries Network offers a variety of events across the Creative Industries sectors, including: CMO Insights -- Marketing Innovation Series; Creative Clash Mixers; Design Matters event series; and the DIY Business Building Series.